BedRock offers 3 different Stone Foundation options:

  • Elite
  • Standard
  • Economy

BedRock begins by bringing your ground to a level grade, whatever the slope may be. You will not only have a foundation that will support your physical structure, but that will also support an ideal environment from which you can easily place your own personal touches. This will turn your building from a mere structure into an experience that will enhance the look and feel of your backyard.

Each style provides strong support for a structure, and here are the differences between the 3 styles:

Elite Foundation

In all functional ways, The Elite option is the same as Standard (see below). The difference is in appearance. Elite gets a visual boost when we top it with a 1” X 6” Azek composite board that comes in red, brown, or gray.

Standard Foundation

Our most popular option is the Standard. This choice starts with site excavation, compaction, and leveling, and it includes a border of 4” X 6” or 6” X 6” pressure-treated wood secured with ½” X 24” rebar. This border keeps the stone in place and creates a distinct perimeter around the structure.

In addition, our Standard option includes:

Geotextile fabric placed within the border to stabilize the stone base and also to prevent weed growth. 6” of certified drain stone to insure quick drainage and a dry floor.

Economy Foundation

Using 5” of certified drain stone, this style includes excavation, compaction, and leveling, and it assures you of a level site and proper drainage.