BedRock builds both gravel and concrete driveways. (We don’t, however, do asphalt.)


Gravel driveways are affordable and easy to customize. They take the least amount of time to install and minimally impact your daily routine. BedRock guarantees proper installation and meticulous planning for proper drainage. Gravel is ideal for longer driveways, but it is also more difficult than concrete to maintain due to weather, aging, and vegetation.


In contrast to its Gravel counterpart, concrete driveways are stronger, more permanent, and more resistant to the elements. Ideal for residential use, our concrete driveways are able to withstand up to 3500 psi. This level of strength is possible because our concrete driveways are five inches thick and reinforced with either wire or #4 rebar. As part of the installation process, our team will grade your surface, make certain that it’s sloped properly and fill the area with 4 inches of certified drain stone before pouring the concrete